Casaliva lyes on a mountainous hill lying immediately behind the banks of the Garda lake. It divides the villages Garda and Bardolino.
Geological belongs it to the Monte Baldo which extends for a surface area of 140 hectare.

The flora

The area is characterized of a natural vegetation of Mediterranean type, mostly consisting of holly oaks, copper beeches and orniello. In the zones particularly dry and arid the bushes of holly oaks are interrupted here and there from more or less extended groups of laurel, turpentine trees etc. The undergrowth is characterized by the presence of guilder roses, broom etc. In the olive groves in the vicinity of the lake, in spring time and summer it is possible to watch the blooming of several splendid and beautiful orchids.

The fauna

The fauna of the land surrounding Casaliva is species-rich. The most important species to mention are the fox, the marten and the badger. Furthermore there is a rich population of birds.

The monastery of the Benedictines Camaldonesi
On the summit of the Rocca del Garda there is located an ancient monastery of the monks of the Benedictine order. The hermitage Saint George was founded in 1663. The works of the construction of the buildings lasted during the whole 17th century and were finished with the building of the church in 1704.
After the abolition of Napoleone nel 1810 the hermitage was abandoned and the complex was inhabited by farmers until the year 1885, when a community of camaldolese returned and settled again.