Go Kart indoor

10min  drive from Casaliva

A little adrenaline for your vacation?

Just 10 minutes from the Casaliva, in the nearby Affi Shopping Centre there is an indoor track on two floors of motorized Go Kart: ideal for having fun alone or for a challenge in company, even in the rain!

Some curiosities about the track

The track is spread over 2 floors, there are 9 curves on the left and 4 curves on the right

The ground floor is characterized by a fast part that ends with two hairpin bends, one on the left and one uphill on the right and an upper floor with a narrow and very technical S

The structure with which the upper floor was built is made of iron and prefabricated concrete panels to give it the right rigidity

The safety of the pilot on our track is guaranteed by innovative delimiting and protection barriers with high kinetic energy absorption.

The patented system is composed of strips of very resistant plastic material supported by steel springs that cushion the impact of the kart effectively absorbing and dispersing the force of impact.

The telemetry is managed by transponders mounted directly on the kart with precision to one thousandth of a second, the same used in Formula 1.

Two levels of kart school, in groups for novice drivers and advanced courses for those who already have good control of the kart but want to make a “leap in quality”.

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