Ponte di Veja

50min drive from Casaliva

The Veja bridge is a natural arch with an arch of about forty metres, a minimum thickness of nine metres and a width of twenty metres, the result of the natural evolution of a cave.

On either side of the base of the bridge there are several caves inhabited in prehistoric times. Studies and excavations began in 1932; many of the findings, consisting of finds that testify to the presence of a lithic industry based on the working of flints, abundantly present in the rocks emerging in the area, are exhibited in the Paleontological and Prehistoric Museum of Sant’Anna d’Alfaedo (VR). Estimates of human presence start from the Upper Paleolithic and date back to 100,000 years ago, the permanence should have lasted until the end of the second millennium BC.

map from Casaliva to Ponte di Veja